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Multi Site Management Made Easy

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4 Reasons Why You Should Choose KAN

Get To Know How KAN CMS can help you in website desgin

  • Multiple Website Management

    With KAN you are able to manage not one, not two but as many as possible website you can think of. This feature helps you very much in mamngement of your database. So now managing organizations such as school, companies etc with a lot of information should not be such a big problem because KAN is here for you

  • Easy And Fast To Use

    KAN CMS has built-in capabilities to ensure better search engine optimisation results. It allows users to specify the meta-data for any and all sites created. This could be testified in the July 2009 ranking of universities websites by webometrics. KNUST website jumped 20 places to be ranked 30th in Africa.

  • Enhanced Productivity

    KAN CMS is designed with non-technical content authors in mind, i.e. people with average knowledge of word processing can create the content directly, no HTML knowledge needed. It has configurable access restrictions.

  • More Themes and Templates

    KAN CMS is open source and can be adopted, modified and implemented or improved on by interested participants since it has over 70 templates, 100 CSS layouts and 20 modules which have been developed within its lifespan of less than one year.

KAN News

KAN CMS 1.0 Beta - New and Noteworthy

Last week saw the release of our Beta release of KAN CMS 1.0 and here we take time to look at some of the new and noteworthy features of this release

KAN CMS 1.0 Beta RC 6 - An Unexpected Release

Another two months down the line, we have another release candidate for you, unfortunately not the Beta we hoped we would be delivering. This release however has several new features and truck loads of bug fixes.


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